Hello World

Hello World

My name’s Rosa Soria and I’m a GIS analyst in California. After working in planning for a couple of years (and staying faithful to Esri GIS) I made a switch out of the industry and out of Esri. I now work for a technology company using QGIS to solve very different problems.

I am starting this blog because I’ve spent far too many hours reading through documentation manuals, watching videos and struggling on my own trying to solve GIS challenges. I want this blog to be a one stop shop for GIS related questions.

I know there are many GIS blogs, by very talented people in the industry but it can be a bit daunting to reach out and that’s exactly what I am attempting to eliminate. There are no dumb questions, and I want this blog to develop a community around itself  that is welcoming of all question regardless of how simple they may be. Everyone started by being a newbie.

If you’re a student of GIS, a planner who uses GIS casually, or just a curious web surfer I hope this blog helps you solve a challenge of your own.

The learning process is ongoing for me, and it should be for you too. Currently, I am continuing to learn Python and SQL– if you’re a GIS professional these are essential tools. I will use this space to share short tutorials and really, as a form of keeping a tutorial log for myself.

I have a youtube channel where you can find tutorials I will be publishing and you can always reach me via Twitter or using this site’s contact sheet.


Happy Mapping!



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